STEM Camp Updates!

Day 1:

Students learned how circuits work and began to assemble the frame their motors tomorrow.

Day 2:

Students learned how to use a digital caliper and calculate gear ratios. Using their knowledge the students begin to put together their car.

Day 3:

Students finished assembling their cars and began to test drive them.

Day 4:

Students spent most of the day testing their vehicles on the different challenge tracks; gear ratios, electricity, and traction to modify their cars to excel in each obstacle.

Day 5:

Students made adjustments before the competition began. Parents came to support their children, watch the races, and celebrate during the award ceremony.

Our Vision

Building stronger communities by developing ethical and knowledgeable citizens through purposeful education and character development.

Our Curriculum

AIST is a STEM high school that uses Project-Based Learning through the automotive lens.

A free, public charter opening Fall of 2020.

first to 9th and 10th grade, then adding a grade each subsequent year.

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