Chris Chesney – President

Expertise: Chris Chesney has worked in the industry for over 40 years and has contributed to current curriculum development and industry wide trainings on current automotive practices in the technical skills and business practices. Chris also brings a strong background in fundraising and marketing experience. Chris has been and is still currently a board member on many national automotive industry boards. He is passionate about training the future workforce by creating authentic, challenging experiences for students. He believes that AIST is the missing link in the industry.

Mike Vidovich – Director

Expertise: Mike Vidovich is a successful tradesman, manager, and designer. He has worked in aerospace, pro-cycling, and motorcycling throughout his career. He is passionate about providing a unique educational opportunity to students.

Robin Stanforth – Treasurer

Expertise: Robin Stanforth has worked in education for more than a decade and is excited about providing a different option for students who would thrive in a different school environment. She has experience in grant writing, networking, and school budgeting. She is a valued asset to the AIST school board.

Laura Weilert – Secretary

Expertise: Laura Weilert is a successful entrepreneur in the STEM education field. Laura develops curriculum for grade school and preschool age students and provides extra-curricular education events for the community.

Greg Bunch – Director

Expertise: Greg Bunch is a successful multi-business owner with practices from Denver to Colorado Springs. Greg also provides training to other business across the nation through Transformer Master Mind Group that he founded. Greg is an avid Career and Technical Education supporter.

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