Projects currently being written for 9-10th grade students.

CSI Consultant

Students will act as CSI Consultants to determine what happened during a car accident. They will be responsible for analyzing the crime scene, determining who is at fault, and all of the components that influenced the accident. Students must also investigate the impact of accidents on body systems both physically and psychologically. Finally, they will participate in ethical conversations regarding legislation for automotive manufacturers and roadways

Who Killed the World

During this project students will have the opportunity to build an understanding of dystopian themes by playing or interacting with games such as Fallout, Pandemic, or Fortnite. Then, students will analyze themes further through dystopic novels which they choose based on teacher recommendations, and use non-fiction text to compare and contrast their novels to true dystopian societies. Students will then create their own dystopian setting to explore governmental impacts on dystopian worlds and mathematically show how dystopian worlds are created, expanded, and become the reality. Students will evaluate the large-scale problems present in dystopian societies, asking questions like: Can these problems be solved? Why or why not? Finally, students will present a physical model demonstrating the problem, and will use the model to address the problem in the presentation.

Building a Great Foundation

During this project students will have the opportunity to build a working chassis while mastering geometrical concepts. Students will take a historical look at Leonardo de Vinci, Pythagorean theorem and the basic wagon. Then they will build a model chassis in three steps. Step 1: Students will construct a parallelogram steering and rack and pinion steering model with attention to all 5 angles (camber, caster, toe, thrust, SAI/KPID angles) and steering ratios. Step 2 will focus on circumference while adding wheels. Step 3 will apply additional angles during motion

Road Trip

Part one: During this project students will work in groups and have the opportunity to use a variety of skills and experiences to plan, execute, and assess the success of travel from a starting point to a predetermined destination and back home with stops along the way.

Part Two: Students will develop an individual trip using acquired skills from group travel to plan, execute, and assess travel while solving a political, social, or natural problem with the country. Stops will be chosen according to the issue selected by each student. Student will start locally, visit a minimum of 10 researched destinations, and then return home.

This is Us

This project begins by studying tribes in ancient societies. Then we will compare those tribes with modern society. Students will interview several people and analyze the career path they chose. Then students will have an opportunity to investigate their strengths and where they fit in their communities while solving problems. Students can earn concurrent enrollment credit for Public Speaking during this project.